March Forfeiture Sale Belmont County Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate

General information on Sheriff’s Sales can be found on the
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If you're interested in purchasing a property, a Purchaser Information Form needs to be filled out and brought with you on the day of the sale.

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The Sheriff Sales are held at least once a month on a Wednesday. Any residential properties not sold at the first sale of the month will be offered for sale again two weeks later and auctioned without regard to the minimum bid requirement (ORC 2329.52). All sales before June 13th, 2018 will begin at 2:00 PM. Effective June 13th, 2018, all sales going forward will begin at 10:00 AM. They are conducted in the Common Pleas Courtroom #307 top floor of the Belmont County Courthouse, 101 West Main Street. St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950.

Shrodes, Andrew

Address: 424 North Zane Hwy, Martins Ferry, Ohio
Appraisal: 30,000.00
2/3 Appraisal:
Sale Date: 3/21/2018
Attorney Name: Adam Myser
Attorney Phone: 740-635-0162
Mortgage Company: The Citizens Savings Bank
Sale Amount: 9,000.00
Purchased By: Mycoo

Pepper, Lisa Ann

Address: 21 Locust Avenue, Bridgeport, Ohio
Appraisal: 45,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 30,000.00
Sale Date: 3/7/2018
Attorney Name: Bradley P. Toman
Attorney Phone: 216-360-7200
Mortgage Company: Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC
Sale Amount: 30,000.00
Purchased By: Plaintiff

Velas, Patrick

Address: 417 North Chestnut Street, Barnesville, Ohio
Appraisal: 115,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 76,667.00
Sale Date: 3/7/2018
Attorney Name: F. Peter Costello
Attorney Phone: 440-600-5500
Mortgage Company: Ditech Financial LLC
Sale Amount: 76,667.00
Purchased By: Plaintiff

Agnew, James

This sale has been withdrawn.

Address: 3 Reservoir Road, Martins Ferry, Ohio
Appraisal: 130,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 86,667.00
Sale Date: Sale Withdrawn
Attorney Name: Joseph M. Henkel
Attorney Phone: 513-241-3100
Mortgage Company: JPMorgan Chase Bank