Belmont County Sheriff’s Office Staff

Sheriff David M. Lucas Sheriff David L. Lucas began his term at the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office on January 7, 2013.  While Sheriff Lucas is new (at being the Sheriff), he is not brand new.  He served Belmont County for 28 years and retired from the Sheriff’s Office at the rank of Major in 2007. He continued to work at the Sheriff’s Office as a supervisor and firearms instructor. Read more…
Chief_Zusack Chief Zusack was a 17 year member of the Belmont County Special Operations Branch which was developed by Sheriff David M. Lucas. As a member of this branch Zusack received extensive training in special weapons and tactics. Chief Zusack implemented the Project Lifesaver program which is still provided by the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office. Zusack has also been involved with the Safety Camp for Kids sponsored by Belmont Community Hospital in Bellaire, a division of Wheeling Hospital, for four years. Read more…
Road Advisory
There are currently no road advisories for Belmont County.
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