Training Officer

The position of e.S.O.R.N. and Training Officer was created by grant application that was written by the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office Administrative Assistant, Kitty Jo Paboucek. Sgt. Glenn Moore accepted the position of e.S.O.R.N. – Training Officer in March of 2014.

The Training Officer of the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for coordinating upcoming training events that will benefit employees with their career in law enforcement. The Training Officer also ensures that the continued professional training standards are completed each year set by the Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy.

Sgt. Moore is a certified unit instructor in the Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Program. This enables him to complete instructor level training sessions and in turn train the employees of the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office.

You can reach Sgt. Moore at 740-695-7933 ext. 134