Anonymous Drug Tip Line: 740-695-DRUG (3784)

Civil Department

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division consists of 5 Office Staff and a Sheriff’s Deputy whose primary responsibility is service of civil process. The Civil Division’s duties include processing of civil papers and warrants, jury venire, Sheriff’s and tax foreclosure sales of real estate, processing of criminal warrants and the service of all documents as requested.

All papers coming into the Sheriff’s Office from the courts is processed through the Civil Division, Entered into a Database and then required service is carried out by the Sheriff’s Deputy assigned to the Civil Office.

It is the responsibility of the Office Deputy to maintain accurate records of service and attempted service, returns of service to the courts, billing for fees for service and maintain the integrity and security of the Databases, communications and correspondences between this agency and those agencies requiring our civil service.

The Office Deputy Sherri Kuthy may be reached at (740) 695-7933 Ext. 130.

The Civil Deputy Pam Carpenter may be reached at (740) 695-7933 Ext 124.