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Belmont County Sheriff’s Sale of Real Estate And Tax Certification Sale of Real Estate


If you’re interested in purchasing a property, a Purchaser Information Form needs to be filled out and brought with you on the day of the sale.

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There will be no Sheriff Sales held in June.

July Sale Dates:
Tuesdays July 5th & 19th at 11:00 AM
Belmont County Sheriff’s Office



The Sheriff Sales are held at least once a month. The schedule for Sheriff Sales may vary from month to month based on space availability. Notices will be posted on this page as sales are scheduled.

Any residential FORECLOSURE properties not sold at the first sale of the month will be offered for sale again two weeks later and auctioned without regard to the minimum bid requirement (ORC 2329.52). In the event that the successful bid does not cover all of the costs, allowances, and taxes determined by the Court to be payable out of the proceeds of the sale, in addition to the amount of the successful bid, the successful purchaser must pay a sum which, with the amount of said bid, will be sufficient to pay said costs, allowances and taxes.

The Sheriff’s Office does not research the properties. It is the potential buyers’ responsibility to do any type of research regarding liens, back taxes, etc. that may follow a property. We strongly recommend that if you are serious about purchasing a property that you or your attorney do a title search at the courthouse prior to the sale.

***The Sheriff’s Office can not provide legal advice about the properties as we are not attorneys.  And again we do not research the homes as to the responsibility of back taxes, liens, past due utility bills, etc.  You will need to contact an Attorney for those questions and/or legal advice.*** 

For Tax Certification Sales – A minimum bid amount is provided. It will be open bid process starting with minimum bid. The minimum bid amount stands for both the first and second sale dates for these properties.

For Foreclosure Sales – It is an open bid process with the starting bid beginning at 2/3 of the appraised value.

Terms of Sale for Foreclosure Sales – If the Judgement Creditor is the purchaser, no deposit is required. All third party purchasers deposit(s) shall be made in accordance with the guidelines as set forth in Ohio Revised Code Section 2329.211:

2329.211 Sale deposit


(1) In every action demanding the judicial or execution sale of residential property, if the judgment creditor is the purchaser at the sale, the purchaser shall not be required to make a sale deposit. All other purchasers shall make a sale deposit as follows:

(a) If the appraised value of the residential property is less than or equal to ten thousand dollars, the deposit shall be two thousand dollars.

(b) If the appraised value of the residential property is greater than ten thousand dollars but less than or equal to two hundred thousand dollars, the deposit shall be five thousand dollars.

(c) If the appraised value of the residential property is greater than two hundred thousand dollars, the deposit shall be ten thousand dollars.

(2) The timing of the deposit and other payment requirements shall be established by the court or the person conducting the sale and included in the advertisement of the sale. If the purchaser fails to meet the timing or other requirements of the deposit, the sale shall be invalid.

(3) If the sale is held online, the deposit may be made by a financial transaction device as defined in section 301.28 of the Revised Code.

(B) In every action demanding the judicial or execution sale of commercial property, the purchaser at the sale shall make a deposit pursuant to the requirements, if any, established for the sale.

The Sheriff’s Office does not have access to the inside of the homes and cannot obtain access for you. The appraisals are an outside appraisal only. The Sheriff and Appraisers are not liable for the condition of the property. The only contact information provided to the Sheriff’s Office regarding the property is the Attorney representing the mortgage company.

Once a home is listed for Sheriff Sale you can not purchase it through the Sheriff’s Office prior to sale.  The property has to go to auction.

Should you be a successful bidder, the property is not yours until the Judge has confirmed the sale, a new deed is prepared and it has been conveyed and transferred into your name. This can take up to 2 months after the date of sale.

If the current owner still resides in the property after the Sheriff Sale is complete, you must wait until a new deed is transferred into your name then you can file an Eviction Action through the local court.

The Sheriff’s Foreclosure and Tax Certification Sales are also advertised in the Classified Section of The Times Leader on Wednesdays for three weeks prior to date of sale. These advertisements will provide specific information regarding the legal description of the property.

Properties for each sale type and month’s sale can be viewed using the drop-down menu above.

Results of the sale will be posted to this site after the sale.

For any questions you may contact Barb Blake at 740-695-7933 Ext. 116 ( or Deputy Jack Sall at 740-695-7933 ext. 124 (

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