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Civil Department

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division consists of an Office Deputy and a Sheriff’s Deputy whose primary responsibility is service of civil process. The Civil Division’s duties include processing of civil papers and warrants, jury venire, Sheriff’s and tax foreclosure sales of real estate, processing of criminal warrants and the service of all documents as requested.

Criminal Investigations Unit

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Unit is made up of four Detectives with various degrees of responsibility. The Detectives investigate Felony cases and are members of several Task Forces. Each Detective has their own particular area of expertise.

Dive Team

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team is comprised of deputies from the Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement officers from surrounding agencies in Belmont County. Team members are trained in various levels of certification and have over thirty years of combined experience.

Mounted Patrol Unit

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol Unit is made up of up to six Officer/Mount teams, who are required to be certified with their horses annually. Certification is completed through the Buckeye State Mounted Deputies Association, and their Certification program. All members are voluntary, and provide their own privately owned horses for the unit. Each member is responsible for the care, feeding, and maintenance of the horses out of pocket, and is of no burden to the Sheriff’s budget.

Project Lifesaver

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office participates in a nationwide program called Project Lifesaver. The primary mission of Project Lifesaver is to provide timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, autism, and other related conditions or disorders.

Road Patrol

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol is responsible for protecting citizens within the 540 square miles of rural and developed areas that make up Belmont County. Within those 540 square miles, the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agency for the Ohio Valley Mall, the Ohio Valley Plaza and the majority of hotels in the county. We are not only protecting the citizens of our county but are also responsible for the safety of shoppers and tourist who visit our county. With Interstate 70 running through Belmont County, our agency can never be certain who or where possible criminals or criminal activity may come from.

Special Deputies Unit

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office has a Special Deputies Unit which currently consists of thirty five (35) who serve voluntarily in service to the Sheriff’s Office. The Special Deputies Unit is subject to the same qualifications and re-certification requirements as a full-time deputy and must be certified through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. They are required to serve sixteen (16) hours per month assisting the full time deputies as needed.

Special Operations Branch

The role of law enforcement in all cases, including riotous activity,
insurrection, barricaded subjects, execution of high risk narcotics
warrants, arrest of dangerous felons and the rescue of hostages or
endangered persons, is the protection of lives and property.

Training Officer

The position of e.S.O.R.N. and Training Officer was created by grant application that was written by the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office Administrative Assistant, Kitty Jo Paboucek.

Road Advisory
There are currently no road advisories for Belmont County.
Crime Stoppers

The tip line may exclusively be reached at 877-847-7487.

Tips will NOT be accepted through social media, websites or email in order to ensure confidentiality.

The Crime Stoppers of the Upper Ohio Valley website is

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