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Mounted Patrol Unit

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol Unit is made up of up to six Officer/Mount teams, who are required to be certified with their horses annually. Certification is completed through the Buckeye State Mounted Deputies Association, and their Certification program. All members are voluntary, and provide their own privately owned horses for the unit. Each member is responsible for the care, feeding, and maintenance of the horses out of pocket, and is of no burden to the Sheriff’s budget.

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol Unit participates in several events throughout Belmont County, as well as the State of Ohio. Events include:

  • Jamboree in the Hills
  • The Belmont County Fair
  • All Horse Parade
  • Athens, Ohio Palmer Fest
  • Search and Rescue
  • Ohio Valley Mall Patrols
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame Parade
  • Athens, Ohio Halloween Fest
  • Ohio Governors Inauguration

The Sheriff’s Mounted Unit accepts monetary donation to purchase blankets, riot equipment, and other needs as they arise. Any monetary donations or even booking requests can be sent to:

Sgt. Steve Forro
C/O Belmont County Sheriff’s Office
68137 Hammond Road
St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950
740-695-7933 ext. 302.
Road Advisory
There are currently no road advisories for Belmont County.
Crime Stoppers

The tip line may exclusively be reached at 877-847-7487.

Tips will NOT be accepted through social media, websites or email in order to ensure confidentiality.

The Crime Stoppers of the Upper Ohio Valley website is

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