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Sheriff David M. Lucas

Sheriff David M. LucasSheriff David M. Lucas began was elected to is first term at the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office in 2012, and was reelected to his second term as Sheriff in 2016. He served Belmont County for 28 years and retired from the Sheriff’s Office at the rank of Major in 2007. He continued to work at the Sheriff’s Office as a supervisor and firearms instructor.

Sheriff Lucas was instrumental in overseeing the transition from the old County Jail into the newer Belmont County Justice Center in 1996. In 1995 the Sheriff’s Office started using the L.E.O.T.(Law Enforcement Officer’s Toolkit) Sheriff Lucas oversaw the implementation of this system, which enabled Belmont County law enforcement to access and input information for exchange with other law enforcement agencies local, county, state and federal. The Sheriff served as a member of the 911 Board from 1995 to 2010 and was responsible for the planning and structuring the county-wide 911 system. In 1994 and continuing until his retirement, Lucas oversaw the training and development of the Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Branch (tactical team). Sheriff Lucas, also, supervised the implementation of security measures for the Courthouse and its employees.

Sheriff Lucas is a life-long resident of Belmont County. He graduated from Barnesville High School and The Belmont Technical College. Sheriff Lucas is married and has two children.

When elected, Sheriff Lucas brought a lot of experience back to the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office. Throughout his service to Belmont County he has demonstrated his willingness to work in harmony with the Commissioner’s Office and other government agencies to achieve goals that benefited the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Belmont County. He will continue to work with other elected officials to maintain a solid relationship with all departments and will remain fiscally responsible to the citizens of Belmont County. He is a working Sheriff and takes pride in his commitment to the office and to the citizens of Belmont County.

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