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Project Lifesaver

The Belmont County Sheriff’s Office participates in a nationwide program called Project Lifesaver. The primary mission of Project Lifesaver is to provide timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, autism, and other related conditions or disorders.

Currently, 1,100 agencies in 45 states participate in the program – police, sheriff, fire, public safety departments and other emergency responders. The method relies on proven radio technology and specially trained search and rescue teams. Citizens enrolled in Project Lifesaver wear a small transmitter on the wrist or ankle that emits an individualized tracking signal. Each month a Deputy will change the battery in the tracking unit and inspect it. Each day caregivers check the unit with a simple tool which shows that the unit is working properly. If an enrolled client goes missing, the caregiver notifies their local Project Lifesaver agency, and a trained emergency team responds to the wander’s area. Most who wander are found within a few miles from home, and search times have been reduced from hours and days to minutes. Recovery times for Project Lifesaver clients average 30 minutes – 95% less time than standard operations. A fee for use of the equipment and maintenance cost is required on a monthly basis. Additional information may be found on the Project Lifesaver website.

Sgt. Tom DeVaul is in charge of the Project Lifesaver. He may be contacted at Sgt. Steve Forro also assists with Project Lifesaver. He may be contacted at

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