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January Forfeiture Sale Belmont County Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate

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Ruiz, Helen Jeanette

Address: 217 Railroad Street, Barnesville, Ohio
Appraisal: 95,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 63,333.00
Sale Date: 1/10/2018
Attorney Name: Vincent A. Lewis
Attorney Phone: (937) 461-1900
Mortgage Company: USA Rural Housing Service USDA
Sale Amount: 100,000.00
Purchased By: The Nicola Group, LLC

Reischman, John

Address: 219 Hunts Avenue, Barnesville, Ohio
Appraisal: 5,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 3,333.00
Sale Date: 1/10/2018
Attorney Name: Michael E. Carleton
Attorney Phone: (614) 917-1714
Mortgage Company: CitiFinancial Servicing, LLC
Sale Amount: 18,136.00
Purchased By: John N. Ferrelli

Miller, Clarence

Address: 117 East Main Street, Belmont, Ohio
Appraisal: 79,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 52,667.00
Sale Date: 1/10/2018
Attorney Name: Kim Hammond
Attorney Phone: (216) 771-6500
Mortgage Company: Franklin American Mortgage
Sale Amount: 57,154.00
Purchased By: Plaintiff

Dyer, Richard Sr.

Address: 57700 48th Street, Bellaire, Ohio
Appraisal: 89,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 59,333.00
Sale Date: 1/10/2018
Attorney Name: Charles V. Gasior
Attorney Phone: (330) 436-0300
Mortgage Company: James B. Nutter & Co.
Sale Amount: 87,000.00
Purchased By: Atty for Plaintiff

Mazeska, Denise

Address: 10 South Third Street, Martins Fery, Ohio
Sale Date: 1/24/2018
Attorney Name: Bradley P. Toman
Attorney Phone: (216) 360-7200
Mortgage Company: Huntington National Bank
Sale Amount: 8,000.00
Purchased By: Plaintiff

Marcellus, Garnet

Address: 627 Bennett Street, Bridgeport, Ohio
Appraisal: 8,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 5,333.00
Sale Date: 1/10/2018
Attorney Name: Richard J. LaCivita
Attorney Phone: (440) 600-5500
Mortgage Company: Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC
Sale Amount: 5,333.33
Purchased By: Atty for Plaintiff

Bailey, Pamela

Address: 131 Chestnut Street, Bethesda, Ohio
Appraisal: 55,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 36,667.00
Sale Date: 1/10/2018
Attorney Name: Suzanne M. Godenswager
Attorney Phone: (216) 373-5541
Mortgage Company: Home Investment Fund IV, LP
Sale Amount: 37,000.00
Purchased By: JLG Rental Properties LLC