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July Forfeiture Sale Belmont County Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate

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Ahmed, Barbara

This sale has been withdrawn.

Address: 72321 Colerain Road, Bridgeport, Ohio
Appraisal: 40,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 26,667.00
Sale Date: Sale Withdrawn
Attorney Name: James L Sassano
Attorney Phone: (216) 360-7200
Mortgage Company: Nationstar Mortgage LLC

Neitzelt, Russell

Address: 42460 Mount Hope Road, Flushing, Ohio
Appraisal: 25,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 16,667.00
Remote Bid: 75,599.22
Sale Date: 7/5/2022
Attorney Name: Austin R. Decker
Attorney Phone: (470) 321-7112
Mortgage Company: Finance of America Reverse, LLC

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