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March Forfeiture Sale Belmont County Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate

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Shrodes, Andrew

Address: 424 North Zane Hwy, Martins Ferry, Ohio
Appraisal: 30,000.00
2/3 Appraisal:
Sale Date: 3/21/2018
Attorney Name: Adam Myser
Attorney Phone: 740-635-0162
Mortgage Company: The Citizens Savings Bank
Sale Amount: 9,000.00
Purchased By: Mycoo

Pepper, Lisa Ann

Address: 21 Locust Avenue, Bridgeport, Ohio
Appraisal: 45,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 30,000.00
Sale Date: 3/7/2018
Attorney Name: Bradley P. Toman
Attorney Phone: 216-360-7200
Mortgage Company: Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC
Sale Amount: 30,000.00
Purchased By: Plaintiff

Velas, Patrick

Address: 417 North Chestnut Street, Barnesville, Ohio
Appraisal: 115,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 76,667.00
Sale Date: 3/7/2018
Attorney Name: F. Peter Costello
Attorney Phone: 440-600-5500
Mortgage Company: Ditech Financial LLC
Sale Amount: 76,667.00
Purchased By: Plaintiff

Agnew, James

This sale has been withdrawn.

Address: 3 Reservoir Road, Martins Ferry, Ohio
Appraisal: 130,000.00
2/3 Appraisal: 86,667.00
Sale Date: Sale Withdrawn
Attorney Name: Joseph M. Henkel
Attorney Phone: 513-241-3100
Mortgage Company: JPMorgan Chase Bank